What Is Drop Foot Deformity?

Wondering what a drop foot deformity is? You’ve come to the right place. We’ll cover drop foot deformities, why they occur, and how they can be treated. If you have any questions about drop foot deformity and live in Charlottesville, VA, and the nearby region, contact Virginia Foot & Ankle Surgical Associates and speak with Dr. Joseph Disabato.

Is It Drop Foot or Foot Drop?

You’ll hear drop foot deformities referred to as foot drop as well. The order of words in this case doesn’t matter and both “drop foot” and “foot drop” refer to the same condition. While speaking with medical professionals or doing research, the terms may be used interchangeably. Feel free to ask for or to make clarifications.

So What Is Drop Foot?

People who suffer from drop foot (AKA foot drop) struggle to properly lift the front of their foot. As a result, they may have trouble walking or running. To counter drop foot, some people lift their feet especially high to avoid scraping the foot on the ground. Others may let their feet drag.

What Causes Foot Drop?

Drop foot is usually a secondary sign of a larger neurological or anatomical issue.

Central Nervous Disorders: Your central nervous system controls muscles throughout the body. Certain central nervous system disorders can lead to foot drop. Many people who suffer a stroke experience foot drop and may have other issues with walking as well.

Nerve and Muscle Disorders: Muscle dystrophy refers to a group of conditions that lead to weakening muscles and also potentially the loss of muscle mass.

Anatomical Deformities: It's possible that the foot is not formed correctly, say due to a birth defect or injury. The nerves in the foot may also be compressed due to these issues. If so, it may be possible to address the deformity via surgery, orthotics, and other treatments.

Want to learn more about what can cause drop foot deformity and live in Charlottesville, VA? Stop by Virginia Foot & Ankle Surgical Associates and speak with Dr. Disabato.

Is Foot Drop an Emergency Situation?

On its own, foot drop typically isn't an emergency. However, foot drop can be a symptom of stroke and other severe issues that may require immediate treatment. If you are suddenly experiencing drop foot, you should contact medical providers right away.

How Is Foot Drop Treated?

Typically, to treat foot drop you will need to address the underlying issues. Exercises and orthotics may help with drop foot specifically. By strengthening the feet or providing more support, it may be possible to mitigate drop foot. In some cases, surgery may also help. Tendons, muscles, and bones can be adjusted via surgery to reduce or correct the drop foot, say by relieving pressure on nerves.

If you want to address drop foot deformity and live around Charlottesville, VA, and the nearby region, contact Virginia Foot & Ankle Surgical Associates and chat with Dr. Disabato. Get the treatment you deserve for all of your foot and ankle injuries. Call (434) 977-8040 for the office in Charlottesville, VA, and (540) 825-1350 for the office in Culpeper, VA.

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