Stepping Towards Relief: Understanding Ankle Joint Replacement Surgery

Are you having issues walking or bearing weight on your ankle? Problems with this part of your foot may arise due to degeneration or age. If such problems have become unbearable for you, it may be time to schedule ankle replacement surgery in Charlottesville, VA, at Virginia Foot & Ankle Surgical Associates. Dr. Joseph Disabato is your trusted and experienced foot surgeon who will guide you through the process.

Reasons for Replacement

 An ankle replacement is no small feat. The most experienced foot surgeon would only perform such a procedure when no other options worked. After all, it can have a patient out of commission for up to a year to complete recovery. However, if you're dealing with severe ankle arthritis and stability concerns affecting your ability to stand and walk, surgery may be the only way to manage the problem.

Preparation and Surgery Recovery

 Your ankle replacement surgery in Charlottesville, VA, involves fusing the existing bone with an artificial joint. This artificial joint may be made from a plastic or metal implant. As a result, as patients recover, they experience better joint motion and pain relief. However, expect to use a post-surgical boot or crutches for several weeks as you can't put weight on your foot. You may have to stay in the hospital for up to three days after your surgery is over. Afterward, a general recovery timeline may resemble the following:

  • No weight-bearing from weeks 1 to 6  
  • Physical therapy after surgery for 6 months 
  • Full recovery can take up to a year

Make sure that you follow your surgeon’s post-recovery timeline and care suggestions. After all, you don't want to increase the chances of infection or a blood clot. Plus, the implant may loosen or become unstable because you put weight on it when you weren't supposed to. If you have any unusual sensations, numbness, or tingling, don't hesitate to contact the team immediately.

When it is time for ankle replacement surgery in Charlottesville, VA, you want the best foot surgeons and aftercare possible. The caring and experienced team at Virginia Foot & Ankle Surgical Associates are the ones you can turn to for foot pain, surgery, and related concerns. Take the next step to take your next painless step by calling Dr. Disabato at (434) 977-8040 to set up a consultation today.

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