The Role of Foot and Ankle Surgeons in Comprehensive Foot Health

If conservative approaches are not addressing your foot issue, Dr. Joseph Disabato at Virginia Foot & Ankle Surgical Associates in Charlottesville, VA, is the foot and ankle surgeon to have on your healing team.

The Role of Foot and Ankle Surgeons in Foot Health 

 Aside from putting on shoes or shopping for new ones, most people don’t think much about their feet. However, as two foundational aspects that support your body and movements every single day, it’s important to make foot health a priority. 

In addition to wearing proper footwear, there are several steps you can take to keep your feet healthy. These include staying active so that blood keeps pumping to them, allowing them to rest, trimming your nails, and addressing any concerns as soon as possible. Dr. Disabato and the team at Virginia Foot & Ankle Surgical Associates of Charlottesville, VA, explain below how a foot and ankle surgeon can play a role in your foot health as well. 

Identify Potential or Current Problems 

 Many of us walk around each day unaware that the bones or soft tissues in our feet are tense or damaged. Unfortunately, when these issues go unaddressed, it can lead to more severe problems that make even taking a few steps difficult. 

In most cases, patients who visit foot and ankle surgeons have already received an initial diagnosis. The surgeon can confirm this diagnosis or update it, as well as discover any additional undiagnosed issues. 

Treating Foot Health Issues 

 After receiving a diagnosis, the surgeon can determine the best route to ensure proper and optimal treatment. While surgery is one option, it’s not the only one. In many cases, foot and ankle surgeons can treat both simple and more complex issues through less invasive approaches. 

There are times, however, when conservative methods are not enough. The surgeon will determine the best type of surgical procedure to correct your foot issue according to your unique needs. They’ll then recommend techniques such as physical therapy to help you regain strength and mobility after your procedure. 

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