Sports Podiatry: Addressing Foot and Ankle Injuries in Athletes

As an athlete, you know how critical it is to stay at the top of your game and remain in optimal physical shape. Your feet and ankles are the foundation to performing your best on and off the field, which is why it's also paramount to visit a sports podiatrist to prevent injuries. Sports podiatry diagnoses, treats, and manages these extremities whether you're an amateur or a professional. When visiting our practice for sports podiatry, you can expect passionate and attentive care for sprains, fractures, and torn ligaments, to tendinitis, arthritis, and plantar fasciitis.

Sports podiatry emphasizes injury prevention by evaluating your biomechanics, which include gait, ankle stability, and foot positioning. However, sometimes injuries are inevitable, and when accidents happen, these knowledgeable specialists can create rehabilitation programs utilizing therapeutic exercise to restore mobility, range of motion, muscle strength, and neuromuscular coordination. If you think you're at risk of an injury, don't wait until the worst happens - call our office to discuss how we can help.

Sports Podiatry: Addressing Foot and Ankle Injuries in Athletes

Foot and ankle injuries are frequent among full-time athletes, especially those participating in multiple sports or playing them year-round. These individuals might find these conditions frustrating because overusing the tendons and ligaments can lead to stress fractures, which are tricky to treat due to the repetitive trauma placed on them. Other conditions sports podiatry might address include bunions, cartilage injuries, turf toe, heel pain, and tears in the tendons or ligaments. They may use imaging tests to diagnose the problem.

Always consult a professional if you have pain and swelling, trouble walking or putting weight on the foot, and joint stiffness or instability. Other symptoms warranting attention include difficulty standing for long periods, warmth and tenderness, or if something feels out of place. Once our podiatrist understands the depth of your injury, they can give you the tools required to heal. Depending on the severity, you may need to refrain from playing sports until you regain optimal function in the foot and ankle.

Visit Our Podiatrist to Prevent Foot and Ankle Injuries

When consulting our podiatrist to prevent or treat foot and ankle injuries, they may ask about your recent medical history and recommend a CT scan, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), or X-ray to rule out a broken bone or assess the extent of ligament damage. They'll also write prescriptions, recommend physical therapy exercises, and perform surgery as needed.

Please explore our website to learn about the conditions we treat and the services provided. Consider a consultation for sports podiatry if foot and ankle symptoms seem concerning. You can book an appointment with one of our physicians online or call our office.

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