Frequent Causes of Heel Pain

Heel pain refers to a common foot condition that can occur due to various causes. If heel pain disrupts your daily life in and around Charlottesville, VA, contact Dr. Joseph Disabato of the Virginia Foot & Ankle Surgical Associates to find the heel pain relief you seek.

Frequent Causes of Heel Pain

The most frequent causes of heel pain include the following -

Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis ranks among the top causes for those who are challenged by heel pain. This condition happens when the plantar fascia, a strong tissue band running along the sole of the foot connecting the toes with the bones in the heel, becomes inflamed. The resulting symptoms include sharp heel pain – especially after extended rest periods or overnight. Note that in the most serious of situations, the plantar fascia can tear – entirely or only partially, which causes intense pain.

Achilles Tendinitis

The Achilles tendon – which refers to the tissue that connects the heel bone with your calf muscle, can become irritated and inflamed. When this occurs, it is known as Achilles tendinitis – with symptoms that include stiffness and heel pain.  


Bursitis refers to a condition in which the bursa (small fluid-filled sacs that reduce friction) become inflamed. Bursitis can cause inflammation and pain at the back of the heel.


Rheumatoid arthritis can cause joint inflammation and pain in the heels. Gout, which is another type of arthritis (resulting from the buildup of uric acid in a joint), can cause redness, pain, and swelling in the heel.

Sever's Disease

This medical condition primarily impacts children and adolescents as it involves an inflamed growth plate in the heel bone.

Heel Spurs

Heel spurs, which often accompany tendinitis or plantar fasciitis, refer to bony growths that typically form beneath the heel bone and cause heel pain.

Stress Fractures

A stress fracture – which is a small bone crack that forms from overuse/repetitive stress, can cause localized heel pain.

Nerve Entrapment

Certain conditions - like tarsal tunnel syndrome, compress ankle nerves and lead to heel pain and other symptoms.

Lifestyle factors


Carrying excess weight adds stress on the heels and all bones in the body.  

Footwear/Biomechanical Factors

Ill-fitting footwear, which may include high heels, shoes with insufficient support, or too narrow, may cause heel pain. Flat feet, high arches, and irregular walking patterns may strain related areas and cause pain.

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