When You Should See a Podiatrist for Ankle Pain

Ankle pain can cause problems in your life. When you have ankle pain it can affect your ability to stand, put weight on your ankle, and walk around. Fortunately, your podiatrist is an expert at diagnosing the cause and treating ankle pain.

What You Need To Know About Ankle Pain

There are a few injuries that can cause ankle pain, including:

  • An ankle sprain
  • A fractured ankle
  • A torn tendon or ligament

There are also a few medical conditions that can cause ankle pain, including:

  • Inflammation of your ankle joint
  • Arthritis in your ankle joint
  • A nerve injury involving your ankle

For mild, occasional ankle pain, you can try some simple home remedies like these:

  • Placing an ice pack on your ankle for 15 minutes several times daily
  • Taping your ankle to add support and limit swelling
  • Resting and elevating your ankle to reduce pressure, pain, and swelling

So, when should you see a podiatrist for ankle pain? You should schedule a podiatry visit if you:

  • Are you experiencing intense, recurring pain on the outside of your ankle
  • Notice ankle instability especially when walking on an uneven surface
  • Have chronic swelling and stiffness in your ankle
  • Experience frequent ankle sprains

At your appointment, your podiatrist will:

  • Perform a comprehensive examination of your ankle
  • Discuss and record your signs and symptoms, when they began, and how long they last
  • Order imaging studies to determine whether you have had an injury to your ankle

Depending on what is causing your ankle pain, your podiatrist may recommend the following:

  • Prescription-strength anti-inflammatory medication to reduce ankle swelling
  • Physical therapy and stretching to increase range of motion and flexibility
  • Steroid medications to reduce swelling and pain
  • Walking casts or ankle braces to provide support so you can stay mobile

If your ankle pain is caused by stretched or torn ligaments, tendons, or fractured bones, your podiatrist may recommend ankle surgery to repair damaged structures and restore ankle stability.

Want To Know More?

To learn more about the causes and treatments for ankle pain and how your podiatrist can help, talk with your podiatrist today.

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