When Do You Need an Ankle Joint Replacement Surgery?

Our joints are amazing, capable of dealing with immense pressures and forces over long periods. Day in and day out, your joints help make life go. Unfortunately, however, joints can wear down over time and in some cases, they may need to be replaced. Dr. Joseph Disabato or Dr. Shyaun Rafii would be happy to help. Visit Virginia Foot & Ankle Surgical Associates to discuss ankle joint replacement surgery in Culpeper or Charlottesville, VA.

With ankle replacement surgery, you can replace a worn-out ankle joint. This may relieve arthritis pain and help you live an active lifestyle. Let’s take a look at when you might need to replace one or both of your ankles.

Signs That Ankle Replacement Surgery May Be Needed

It’s estimated that between 9 to 15 percent of adults suffer from ankle pain regularly. Ankle pain may limit your movement and lower your quality of life. If you’re suffering from ankle pain, you may avoid going for walks and hikes. You may also start to rely on mobility scooters and other devices.

If you’re less active, you may be prone to becoming overweight. As you gain weight, this could stress your joints, including not just your ankles, but also your knees and hips.

If ankle pain is reducing your mobility and keeping you from being active, it may be time to replace that ankle. Of course, if you’ve sprained your ankle or are suffering temporary pain, some rest and healing may be in order, rather than replacement surgery.

Unfortunately, however, many people suffer from chronic ankle pain. If you're considering ankle joint replacement surgery in Culpeper or Charlottesville, VA, stop by Virginia Foot & Ankle Surgical Associates. 

Chronic Ankle Pain Often Necessitates Ankle Replacement

Many people suffer from chronic ankle pain, including arthritis in their ankle joints. Arthritis refers to a breakdown in the cartilage in your joints. Cartilage produces a low friction surface, making it easier for your joints to move and function. As the cartilage breaks down, your joints may experience more friction, which may result in chronic pain.

In some cases, your joints may become damaged by a slip and fall or another accident. Often, your joints will heal with proper care. Still, if your joint has suffered extensive damage or isn’t healing properly, it may need to be replaced. Personal injuries can also result in or exacerbate arthritis.

Is Ankle Joint Replacement The Answer To My Pains?

If you’re suffering from chronic ankle joint pain, it may be time to replace your ankle. Talking over your options, including ankle joint replacement surgery, is wise.

Considering ankle joint replacement surgery in Culpeper or Charlottesville, VA?  Dial (434) 977-8040 (Culpeper) or 540 825-1350 (Charlottesville) to speak with Dr. Disabato or Dr. Rafii at Virginia Foot & Ankle Surgical Associates.

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